Let's All Get Involved and Save Arivaca Businesses - Meeting Update

Supervisor Bronson and other County staff will be meeting with the community to discuss the closure of the Arivaca Recycling Center and La Siesta Campgrounds. This is our chance to relay our concerns, ask questions and tell them how important these businesses are to the community.

Meeting starts at 9:30 AM on the dot, so please plan on getting to the Community Center a little early.

Sign the petition to the Pima County Supervisors to save the Arivaca Recycling Center and La Siesta Campgrounds! We are asking for a zoning waiver for both businesses. We would like to hand the petition to Sharon Bronson at the meeting on the 25th. It will also be available to sign at locations around Arivaca and at the meeting. Thank you.

From the Southern Arizona Connection's Facebook Page:

May 9, 2018--Arivaca, AZ Today, the tiny rural town of Arivaca says goodbye to a second small business in a month. With an already high rate of poverty, this loss will hit especially hard to a multitude of families as even more jobs and revenue into this remote corner of Pima County is lost.

A few weeks ago, Arivaca Recycling was shut down by Pima County, spurred by an "anonymous" complaint. This small business was a place to drop off cans and glass, and was also slowly cleaning up old wrecks and abandoned cars off of lots. The owner had hoped to create innovative eco friendly building materials and create a multitude of jobs making, selling and transporting the materials. But that dream was ended with a phone call from a person in town who has decided to make your business, his business.

Then today, La Siesta campground announced that they would also be closing due to an "anonymous" complaint to Pima County as well.

The requisite permits and building code requirements make a lot of sense in densely populated areas. But for a recycling area and a campground in the far reaches of Pima County, these codes seem onerous and are certainly too expensive for small, rural businesses to comply with.

So our small town lost two businesses, both of which provided jobs for several families, helped increase tourism, regularly gave back to local charities and breathed some life into this Old West enclave. All because a single, disgruntled person manipulated the County and weaponized their codes and staff against a town he hates.

This same individual or individuals have been under investigation for other subversive behavior, and there have already been tensions in town between parties. A meeting with Pima County Sheriff Napier held some of the more egregious activities at bay for a time, but it did not last long.

For both business owners, a dream turns to dust. And for many families in Arivaca, it's back to worrying where their next meal will come from.

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