Ruby Road Loop

Begin loop - The 23-mile drive from Amado to Arivaca winds through cattle country.  It is a paved road with scenic views.  

Mileage count begins at the “Y” in Arivaca - turn left, follow paved road.  

Mile 5 - Turnoff for Arivaca Lake, 2 miles of dirt road to the lake.

Mile 7.4- Pro Blanco historic mining area - not open to the public.

Mile 8-9 Begin Coronado National Forest; Austerlitz Mining area.  

Mile 9.1 - Warsaw Canyon - mining and homesteading area.  Rough roads.  

Mile 11 - California Gulch - rough roads, mining and homesteading area.  

Mile 11.6 - Turoff to Papago Tanks - 4 WD only.  

Mile 11.7 - Ruby entrance, old mining town.  Read gate information for entry.  

Mile 15.5 - Turnoff to Corral Nuevo & Hell’s Gate.  Rough road - 4 WD only.  

Mile 17 - Sycamore Canyon, Hank & Yank Springs; great hiking & birding.  

Mile 21.2 - Parking area for Atascosa Lookout.  While 2.5 miles (steep) Remarkable views

Mile 27 - Pena Blanca Lake.  Begin paved road - take to 1-19 North