Visit Arivaca

Scenic Drives


An adventure in driving through some of the best scenery in Southern Arizona. The condition of the narrow, winding road varies seasonally. It is dirt for most of it’s length and is passable by, but not suited to low clearance vehicles. Large motor homes should not attempt this road. Allow approximately 2.5 hours for a leisurely drive from arivaca to 1-19 just north of Nogales. 36 miles from Arivaca to I-19.


7 miles: Turn left at Townsite “Y”, follow Ruby Road, turn east at the “Arvada Lake” sign. Two miles of dirt road to the lake. Suitable for most vehicles. A 90- acre lake it offers good fishing, camping, boating and birdwatching. The surrounding hills provide good hiking and from a high vantage point you can see the entire lake, which looks deceptively small from the boat ramp. A trail meanders near the shoreline, however to hike the entire perimeter takes 5-6 hours and much of that is bushwacking.




Ruby - Ghost Town


11.7 miles from Arivaca, the historic mining town of Ruby is privately owned but is open to visitors. This mine site was operated for many years and had a population of over 300. Some families liven in tents, but others had permanent homes of adobe. There was a post office, general store and a school - which are still standing. Open by appointment 520-744-4471.

Photo Credit - American Expeditioners